Expandable box possible?

Hi guys,

On many of my articles, I will have a button that offers “Online resources” on the topic. Clicking on it will expand a box below with the content in the form of a table (I see from Trello that you’re working on it). There’s a close button at the bottom of the expanded content.

So far, I’ve had to use the HTML solution: 1) Go to the WP backend editor to create the content, 2) Switch to HTML and copy, 3) Go back to the front end and open a open a BB HTML module, 4) Paste & Save. If any edits are needed, it’s either tweak the HTML (but it’s not wrapped in the module) or go back to the WP editor for another multi-step routine.

Is there some way to do this all in the front end? I thought about gaming the Accordion module, but I need to put an icon in the tab. Other ideas?


Hi Gone South,

The only way to achieve an expanding area in the Page Builder is to use the Accordion module. If this isn’t to your liking, then you will need to either use custom code or see if there is a WordPress plugin that offers this functionality.

I did a quick search and from the description, this sounds like it may be what you’re after. Please, be aware that I haven’t tested this plugin with BB.


Hi Danny,

My web designer was able to put an icon and H3 formatting on one accordion tab. So, the BB accordion module now works perfectly as a single expander box.

Thanks for the help.


Hi Eric,

Happy to hear your issue has been resolved and thanks for informing us. We appreciate it.