Exporting Featured Image With Saved Templates

I’m saving pages as templates and have been assigning categories to them and then I upload a featured image to use as the thumbnail next to the template name.

When I look at it on the site that I created the template on, the thumbnail/featured image shows up perfectly.

But if I export the templates (using Wordpress Export function) and then import them into a different site, the templates show up under Saved Templates but the thumbnail image doesn’t (it just shows up with the blank square)?

And when I run the importer, I do check off to import attachments.

Is it possible to export the featured image when exporting saved templates?

Many thanks!


Hi Donna,

I think this is because you’re selecting “Templates” and the template featured image is considered an attachment and so isn’t included. If you exported “All Content” it should be included.

You could try exporting all “Media” and import, then export your templates and import them again to see if that works.

I have the exact same question and I dont want to export all content.
I made 9 pop up modules for my clients and I want them to be able to install them.
I need them to get the featured image with the exported templates - is there no solution other than all content which does not separate out anything?