Extra padding appearing below menu?

Sometimes when loading pages on our site, extra padding seems to be added below our menu bar.

I’m having trouble figuring out exactly what triggers it, but it tends to happen when navigating using the browser’s “back” button and disappears on refresh. Inspecting the issue in Chrome shows jumps to < body style=“padding-top: 360px;”>.

It happens on pages across the sites but most recently experienced it on this page: https://rkb.24b.myftpupload.com/members/join

It could be a bug, but I suspect it could also be an issue with our custom CSS. We had a third party help us out setting up the “bones” of the site and we’ve taken over to make tweaks and add content, so a “too many cooks” situation seems pretty likely. Unfortunately none of us on the team have any kind of web background besides “school of google” so any help identifying where the issue is would be GREATLY appreciated. :slight_smile: