Extremely slow loading on all BB sites

I posted this earlier but don’t see it anywhere, so I just “subscribed” (thought I was already - ha!)

All of my Beaver Builder sites are excruciatingly slow to load and to edit (especially in FireFox), and this has been going on for a little over a week. I thought it was Kaspersky, so I uninstalled it and switched to Norton. Now I am not so sure…

On one site I was troubleshooting, I thought maybe I had chosen the original size images for my slider instead of “large”. When I checked the images out, they had all been changed to thumbnail, and I didn’t do that!

Next step was to check my plugins. I deactivated them all, and when I deactivated BB, it let me know there was an update. Don’t know why I had to deactivate to be notified?

So you can go see what’s happening, here is a new one-page site that is in development that has a slideshow and a little text: http://susanwebbdesigns.com - the only plugins installed are BB and BB’s importer/exporter.

When I did an F12 and looked under Net, I found that GET took 35,058ms - yikes! (there are other instances of that, but that was the biggie.)

I hope this is something I’ve done and that it can be easily fixed because (1) my clients aren’t happy, and (2) it’s really hard to work when you have to wait a long time for pages to load. {whimper}

Thank you, in advance, for your help!

Hi Julie,

I am sorry to hear you’re having these issues.

The appears to be main culprit and appears in your page source and I don’t think should be there.

Therefore, I think the best course of action is for you to speak to your web host provider and ask them to investigate the performance issue and the script in your sites page source.


Thanks, Danny! Will do!

But one question - why do you think it is only my BB sites that are affected? I have other sites using other themes that don’t experience this problem

Hi Julie,

Are your others hosted by the same web host provider?

Do any of your other sites have that odd script on them? As that is the cause of the issue in my opinion.


All my WordPress sites are on HostNine, and there are only a few that aren’t BB :slight_smile:

I’ve looked at each of the ones that aren’t BB, and I don’t see any reference to that GET or IP address.

This is what HostNine said:

Sorry to hear that you are having issues. is not one of our IPs. If wordpress tries to load js files from there, there is nothing we can do about it.

Is there a way for me to hunt down where/why that javascript is being loaded? Would it help to somehow replace all my wordpress core files?

You know, I’ve done a Sucuri scan through my iControlWP, and I have malware. Don’t know why it only affecting my BB sites, but I’m glad I finally know what’s going on!

Hi Julie,

I must say your host’s response actually has me flabbergasted. I would have thought they would have at least tried to assist you further.

I can assure you that the IP/script is not part of Beaver Builder and it does look like you may have been hacked. You also mention you have Malware as well. Are you using any out of date themes or plugins i.e. themes that haven’t been updated in the last 2-3 years?

Also, in my opinion I would advise you to look into a new web host provider, one you can have confidence in. We recommend Page.ly, FlyWheel or WP Engine. All three specialise in hosting WordPress powered sites and have great support and are security focused.


I am going to resolve this topic, as the issue has been identified as a third party script/hack causing the performance issue.