Feature image not showing up in Posts Module

So I am using the beaverbuild child theme with minor modifications.

I’ve tried this on a new page with the Blogs layout theme as well as adding a Posts module to an existing page with the same result. I turn on the featured image display and this is not showing.

Note, this is a “connected courses” blog setup so I am syndicating posts using FeedWordPress as outlined in Alan Levine’s great post here: http://cogdogblog.com/2014/07/17/feeding-the-machine/

It appears that feature images on local posts (created directly on the blog) are working but not those syndicated so I might have this figured out my looking at FeedWordPress settings and pulling in local copies of the syndicated images.

I’m just documenting this here in case it helps others using FeedWordPress. I have another blog that this does work but I am not (yet) using beaverbuilder on it and I notice that the images from my students’ posts are in the media library.

I’ll post a reply to myself here if I figure it out.

I just love this software and recommend it to others.

I found the problem.
In FeedWordPress with the Advanced Filters plugin, go to the “Posts & Links” section of the settings and then add a new “Image filters”. The defaults will work but can be tweaked.

This sets up that the syndication site (hub) pulls local copies of the images.

Hey Aurelia,

Thanks for getting in touch and for posting this! Really appreciate the kind words and let us know if we can of assistance in the future!