Featured image parallax row

Any suggestions to achieve using a post’s featured image as the parallax background image in a full-width row?

I can probably hack it, but I’d love to know the best practice solution for this.

I’m converting an old WordPress website to a new design, and they already have 80 posts with featured images. I’m using Genesis + Dynamik for the new build.

Hey Simon,

I don’t really think there’s a best practice method around this as it’s a combination of both the theme and plugin elements. I believe it can only be done via jQuery. How do you plan on doing it?


Hi Ben,

I’m not sure it’s required any more so I probably won’t be doing it this time round.
Good to have the definitive answer in any case : )

There was a time I extracted the parallax code from the plugin and built it into my child theme.
Plenty of code snippets out there for achieving parallax, but extracting it from the plugin ensured consistency with the plugin’s particular flavour of parallax. Plus it was extremely lightweight, smooth, and well-coded as one would expect from BB!

Gotcha! Let us know if you need anything further. :slight_smile:

And thanks for the kind words, we really appreciate it! Enjoy!