"File too large" Error installing BB Pro on WP Multisite hosted at GoDaddy

I’m in the Network Admin Dashboard and go to add plugin. I select the BB Pro plugin, click Install Now and get the following WP error: “This file is too big. Files must be less than 1500 KB in size.” I’ve installed this plugin on stand alone WP installs with no problem. This is my first go with a Multisite installation of WP. Thoughts, guidance, help would be appreciated.

Hi Dennis,

There’s a default max upload file size of 1500kb on WordPress multisite installations, but it’s easy to change.

In your Network Admin Dashboard click on Settings - Network Settings then scroll down to the Max Upload File Size and increase it to something like 6000.

That should solve the problem. If not please let us know.


That took care of it! Thanks for the quick response.