Filter a custom slider with both important articles OR


We have added a “posts slider” at the top of our main page and we want to create content that matches either of the following:

  • The first five posts, which are already available and require no changes. OR
  • Any of the following options, but none of them work:
    1. Posts with the “important” tag.
    2. Posts in the “important” category.
    3. Posts with a customized field called “important” that has any value (i.e., the field exists).

The problem with solutions (1) and (2) is that they exclude all other posts, rather than providing an “OR” option. The problem with solution (3) is that, unless I am misunderstanding something, it appears to be buggy. When I select “filter on customized field” and choose the “OR” relation, the result is always empty, regardless of the custom meta field I add. It seems to be generating a “latest posts AND this meta field” instead of a “latest posts OR this meta field.”

What am I missing, and what could be the solution for displaying the latest posts OR the posts that are considered “important” (any solution that works is ok)?