Filtering Autosuggest Field

Hey there! I’ve got a question on properly filtering the get_autosuggest_values function from class-fl-builder-auto-suggest.php. I’ve successfully added my own custom action fl_as_hubspot in the fl_builder_autosuggest function and that successfully makes an API call and returns the proper data. However, whenever I go to edit the page where I’ve embedded this module and go to change the settings, what normally shows the name of the post if I use posts, just shows a blank value in the module.

I see that the default case for get_value in class-fl-builder-auto-suggest.php should call my action_value function if my function exists. I’ve put a hubspot_value function into a helper file that loads bare classes as everything else in my custom plugin is class-based.

Is there an example anywhere on how I can short circuit the get_value function properly to make my API call so that I can get the data from the API I need?