First to post to revived forums!


Man, these forums are dead. No posts for the past 3 years!


First comment! Where is everyone?


Welcome all … first like

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I like peanut butter

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I got an issue with my forum module, when i click it, i only get 3 years old posts, should i update to PHP 4?
Ok, sorry guys, i thought i was on Facebook!


post your login credentials here and we’ll be able to help you out.


Great, here’s a serious helpdesk, at least!
And they even have emoticons :joy:

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confirmation email went to spam… !


I am happy as a pig in mud right now! Searchable documented BB knowledge!?!? So glad it’s back. Now I can see when there’s a bug and don’t need to wait 2 days to hear back from support!


So many locks. Must be a bug. :wink:


lots of familiar faces here! It’s like someone farted over in slack and you guys all came here for air :grin:


Love it! And that it’s using Discourse :slight_smile:


So glad to have the forums! FB doesn’t really foster a sense of community.


My goodness i am so excited to see this and think this is an absolute great thing! I spend a lot of time in the FB group, but i believe this will make it much easier to search and also be educated.


What is that? All are users are active. Why are you saying that forum is not active.