Floating next row modules beside last module in previous row (instead of below)?

Not sure of the best way to describe this, but I’m looking for the content within my row columns to float left instead of breaking on each row in Tablets.

Page with screenshots:



Hey Aedesign,

I don’t think it’s possible with your layout, since you’re placing them on separate rows. Can you place them inside one row instead? Take a look at the screenshot below for reference.

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Thank you. I didn’t realize I could put rows inside of rows as you you indicated here. That seems to solve half of the problem, but now there is some weird staggering going on: http://wendywood.flywheelsites.com/clients-2/

Hey Aedesign,

What do you mean by “weird staggering” going on? Can you provide a screenshot showing us what you’re referring to, please?

As I looked at your site and I wasn’t able to see any issue.


I cant imagine how much patience it take for you guys. I’ll make sure to include screenshots next time. So sorry! http://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/1043882/b963d6b7b720378dcb163d7faced4206

Notice the gaps in between a few logos starting after Infera, Advantest & Citrix?

Hey Aedesign,

I think this is caused by the different sizes of your logos. Can you enable equal heights on all column groups? Currently, only the first column group is set as such.


Thank you very much, I had to make sure the image sizes where the same, plus some mobile CSS tweaks :slight_smile:

No worries at all! Have fun! :slight_smile: