Font Awesome 6 Pro

Anyone else using FA6 Pro?
I had FA6 Beta 1 working, finally, but now I’m having problems with Beta 2, notably many white boxes… and a couple of other glitches.
Anyone else using it successfully?

Can you provide a URL to a site where you are having issues?

Hi Jamie. Thanks for reaching out. It’s actually on the back end.
First I simply could not get the FA6 kit to show up, period. I finally did. But now, see attached, there are some weird empty spaces in the icon picker. Also, note in the lower (3rd) screenshot that in FA6b1, the kit had shown up at the top of the checkboxes, now in Beta 2 it has disappeared leaving only the section at the bottom showing that it is, indeed, pulling in FA6.

It does not show at the top, because you have added no custom icons to the kit. You should open a ticket so we can look deeper into this. Remember fa6 is beta even we don’t have access to final yet.

Gotcha for the not-at-the-top; I’ll try uploading a couple of custom icons and see if that changes that.
For the missing icons, I’ll open a ticket with the absolute understanding that they’re still in Beta but if it can help you all be better prepared for their release version, it’s a win-win.
Thanks so much for all your help.

Yea i mean open a ticket with us.

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Simon fixed it, of course. Looking good. In short, if you want to use FA6 with WPBB… works nicely. A couple of issues remain, but the WPBB team is on it. Thanks again!!

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