Font Awesome Pro

Hi All,

Does beaver builder theme come with a Font Awesome Pro license or do you have to buy a font awesome pro license separately? The general knowledge instructions seem to indicate that you need to register your website with Font Awesome or create a kit in order to properly integrate font awesome into your website, however I am able to load all font awesome icons, including the pro version, simply by checking the box on the beaver builder settings for my website (which it seems like shouldn’t work based on the beaver builder general knowledge instructions). If I create a kit and use the url as instructed via the BB general knowledge page, the “yellow star” doesn’t show up anymore on the BB theme icon settings on my website. Moreover, if I create a font awesome kit, since I haven’t paid for a pro license, it doesn’t allow me to add any of the pro icons to my kit.

If someone can provide some clarity, I would greatly appreciate it.