Font-Awsome 6 free

I had some problems that some of the pages I created with Beaver Bilder did (for whatever reason) not enqueue the built in Font-Awesome 5 CSS and fonts. I have since enqueued Font-Awesome 6 Free in my Astra theme by hand but, of course, the new Font-Awesome icons are not available in Beaver Builder. Is there any way to enqueue my (custom) Font-Awesome CSS into Beaver Builder from within my child theme to make the icons work in the icon selector? Thanks.

Alright… After some digging it turned out that Beaver Builder only loads Font Awesome when an icon is used on the page. Does that make sense? That means that icons I added in my standard Astra footer are only displayed when the containing page has at least 1 icon included. Now I have to find a solution for this weird behavior without loading anything twice.

To use font awesome 6, install the official FA plugin it will provide all the icons to the BB icon system for you to pick. Yes icon css is enqueued when BB detects that you have used an icon in a module in a layout, it does not blindly enqueue the css all over your site just in case you want to add arbitary html

Thanks for the solution but using a plugin only for the icon stuff is not an option. I created a function that checks if the font-awesome-5 css is enqueued and enqueues the standard font awesome 5 css (to be compatible) from a child theme folder only if not. Problem solved and working without an external plugin. Anyway, it’s actually a good feature that BB does not load the css by default.