Font color not changing

Im trying to change the color of the fonts on this page

For instance i have changed the word MONDAY to yellow and the word NEW to red.

However when i ave the text editor the color does not change!

Any ideas?

I think I’ve answered my own question!

Well maybe not having a few problems still.

Why is it i have to change the text in the editor to white?

When i do this i cant see the text in the editor

Great! Nice and easy, haha. How did you solve the issue?

Hi Brian,
I suggest to change font-color, font-size etc. or any other property only with CSS and never in the editor. If necessary you could give the element an individual class to target it. The advantage of this workflow is that you don’t have to touch elements through Beaver Builder if you just want to change the color.

And you wouldn’t have white text on white background…

Regards, Leo