Font size Increases in Header on page scroll with Fixed Header activated

Hi Danny to follow up from yesterday in the right place.

As i said not sure if I am missing something but Is there a setting somewhere that controls the Header / Logo text when fixed header is selected in Header Layout. I have resolved the fonts and layouts of the Logo (words) and Navigation text within the Header but when the page scrolls and the fixed Header kicks in the Font size changes i.e… it increases

Logo descriptor in words text goes from 20px to 28px ?

I thought the Nav title descriptors were also changing but they seem the same in both scroll states at 14px, save for a movement left of the whole navigation row on page movement, which looks like a function of the addition of the search icon appearing (right) in scrolled state

Would love to know if I can stop the font size increasing on page movement with fixed header option.

Ps I can send a link to site so you can se the phenomena but is there a way I can send so the test site url and screen password are not in the public domain.

Thank you

Hey Chris,

You can post the URL of the site in question here using the private reply option below. Only you, the mods, and staffs will be able to see that reply. :slight_smile:


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Hi Chris,

Can you add the following to your custom CSS which should resolve your issue.

.fl-page .fl-page-header-fixed .fl-logo-text {
  font-size: 20px;


Hi Danny
Thank you, I will give this a go
Regards Chris

Hi Danny
Yes that bit of code worked a treat …wicked Thank you.
Just for my own interest was it something I had done to reate the page scroll anomaly or something in BB Plug in
Might it happen again, although I have a fix now ?

Thank you again
Regards Chris

Hey Chris,

That’s actually how the theme works if you use a Text logo. Nothing wrong on your part. :slight_smile:


Thanks Ben

No worries at all, Chris! Enjoy BB! :slight_smile: