Fontawesome 5 Pro kit slow with BB 2.5


In BB 2.5 modules using icons, the new icons picker is very slow with FontAwesome 5 Pro kit on 2 of my sites.
Since i updated BB from 2.4 to 2.5, it takes several seconds to load all icons in the panel (currently only 2 styles, regular and light, no other library) and also when i pick one.

Do other users have noticed that or could it be specific to my sites?

Thanks for your testimony.

I reported this during our testing in the #beta slack channel.
There is a long delay to populate the icons with with the new system.

This is with FA Plugin & Pro enabled.

Thanks for your message @Gareth, i don’t use the FA plugin myself, just plugged the FA kit through BB settings in Admin.

Strange that the icon picker panel takes so much time every time it’s called, not just the first time it’s populated.
And also strange that picking an icon in the panel takes time too.

I talk of 3 seconds 2 times.

In case it helps, here’s the values returned in the browser Network tab when clicking on “Choose an icon”: see screenshot.

In the browser Network tab, i also see dozens of FA fonts loaded when editing with BB, different versions it seems… what is that?
I guess i should also ask FA support, but it’s not in frontend, just backend editing.