FontAwesome 6 Beta

Two things.
I just bought ($99) the Font Awesome pro package. I can’t seem to either:
1 Activate their FA5 pro package
2 install the FA6 beta.
I’m on their support desk, but all they did was point me to the FA Wordpress plugin, which I installed and activated, but no go. I still don’t see the icons.
Anyone have any experience with this?

You need to install Beaver Builder version 2.5 and the FA plugin. In FA settings you add your API key from the FA account area then select your kit that has version 6 enabled, then those icons will be available in the icon picker.

Thx. I had done that entire procedure already but no joy. Am away from the computer for a few hours. I’ll double check everything when I get back and revert. BTW, not sure if FA5 needs to be deactivated somehow? I’ve also opened a ticket with FA to see if they have ideas.
Thx again.

It works exactly as described. the FA plugin will enqueue your kit and the icon search popup will search all icons you have access to through your kit and token.

If you have an issue open a ticket with us, FA support are not even going to look at a 3rd party plugin for issues.

Understood and thank you. As soon as I get back home I’ll set up a admin login for you and open a ticket. Much appreciated.

I’m back.
First off, hats off to FontAwesome support. They spent a lot of time on the issue with me on their side and apparently I helped them uncover a bug. The bug has to do with a conflict between FA6 and previous versions. They make available a conflict debugger, but it was only picking up conflicts with FA4, not FA5. For now the solution was to add some code to functions.php.
Now the problem, for which, yes, I’ll open a ticket. With their code fix, FA6 is loading up fine in Gutenberg but not in BB (or UABB obviously). Whether I check off the Pro checkbox in the BB icon preferences or not (which makes sense because that checkbox is calling the preinstalled FA5, I gather.
Opening a ticket now :wink:

Version 2.5 is available from your account area.