Footer href Links not working

Hi! I have noticed that no html links are working anymore in the Footer Layout of the Beaver Builder Theme. I have three Websites with links to sites they are not visible in the header menue. For example for the privacy.

I have this code embedded and it worked fine all the time:

© 2020 my Company I <a href=“”>Privacy </a>

Interesting fact is that the html code for the mailto is working fine and a new tab to write in the Mail prog opens. Only refs to internal or external sites are not working (Site dosn’t exist or nothing happens if it’s a external link.

Thanks for the help!

Can you provide the URL to the site?

Of course:
But at the momemt there are no links in the footer, i puted the footer menue in. This works of course very good.

We would need to see the Footer with the issue.