Footer social icons missing spacing for 'monochrome' color

I’m currently using BBTheme v1.7.5.1 and am seeing an issue where, when the ‘Monochrome’ Social Icons Color is selected in Appearance > Customize > General > Social Links, there is no spacing around the icons in the footer. I have reviewed the Change Logs and don’t see a fix for this mentioned. I have also upgraded BBTheme to latest version (v.1.7.9) without resolution.

Upon reviewing the styles in bb-theme/less/footer.less, it appears there are margins defined for .l-page-footer .fl-social-icons .fl-icon, however there is no fl-icon class set on any child elements of fl-social-icons rendered by bb-theme/includes/social-icons.php. Of course, setting the fl-icon class on either the child a elements or i elements in the inspector doesn’t seem to resolve the issue either, so that CSS may not be correct.

Additionally, the “For footer icons:” section of Adjust the size of the social icons documentation doesn’t seem accurate either, since it specifies to apply the styling to .fl-page-footer .fl-social-icons .fa-stack, but the fa-stack class is only applied to the a elements when using circle icons.

I’m happy to add custom styling and/or a custom includes/social-icons.php in a child theme, but it seems like this is probably a bug in BB Theme that should be fixed. And, if it is fixed in a theme update, might affect any custom styling I apply.