Footer text disappearing

I have text that is disappearing in the footer. I set up 2 columns, the first one text and the second a menu. The menu displays but the text doesn’t.

The text shows when in the admin customizer, but when viewing the site it’s gone.

[Content Hidden]

Hi David,

Have you added any custom code to your site? As I am seeing the following which I believe may be the cause.

            jQuery( "div.fl-page-footer-text" ).replaceWith( "" );


I don’t recall adding any custom code…

Hey David,

I think the code is being added by the Fotoplugins BB modules plugin. I think the same plugin is also adding a Custom Footer section where you can place your own copyright under Appearance > Customize > Custom Footer. I also noticed all boxes under Appearance > Customize > Code are hidden. Do you know if that’s part of his plugin’s functionality? Maybe get in touch with the plugin author and see if he can fix it. Or try updating his plugin to the latest version and see if he has already addressed this.


Ben, thanks. I deactivated the plugin and the footer text appeared. I missed it the first time I checked.
I noticed the boxes disappearing in the Code section as well, but I don’t think it’s part of the functionality.
I will submit a ticket to him, thanks again!

No worries at all, David! Enjoy! :slight_smile: