Form Radio Buttons

How do I add Radio Buttons to the form that comes with BB?

I would like box options for multiple choices as well.

The form you have is simple. I need more interaction.

Hey Matt,

I’ve already assigned another member of the team who can assist you with your concern. :slight_smile:


When can I expect an answer. I have a customer waiting on me.

Hey Matt,

My apologies for the delay. Somehow I missed this when it was assigned to me.

Regarding radio buttons, are you talking about the Contact Form module or the settings form for a custom module?

In the case of the Contact Form module, fields cannot be added to it. If you need a form builder, you might consider checking out Ninja Forms or Formidable Forms.

In the case of custom modules, we don’t currently have a radio button field, but you could create a custom field to accomplish that. Check out the module docs for more info on that…

Let me know if you have any questions and my apologies again for the delay.


No problem Justin,

I’m looking to create a form that has a box selection for multiple items.


selection items that only allow one to be chooses out a a few choices.

but I’m no coding guru by any means. When will BB have something easier to deal with?

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the info. In that case, you should be fine with Ninja Forms or Formidable Forms. Both allow you to create robust forms without any coding that can be used within a Beaver Builder layout. Go ahead and give those a shot and let me know if you have any questions.

Unfortunately, we won’t have a form builder any time soon as those are complex pieces of software that typically warrant being their own plugin.


Sorry. I don’t mean to be high maintenance.

Would either of those options be widgets or plugins that would drag into place through the BB interface? Do I find them through the plugin search?



Hey Matt,

No worries at all!

Yes, each of these is a plugin that you can install through the plugin search. You only need one of them, we just like to recommend both to give you options :slight_smile:

Once installed, you should be able to insert them into a layout either as a widget or shortcode. Take one of them for a spin, build a form, and when you’re ready, if you have trouble inserting the form, we can help you out.


Ninja is pretty darn robust. Thanks for your assistance Justin!


I’m glad to hear that helped! Enjoy!