Formatting code in TEXT (html) tab


I would like the raw html code displayed in the TEXT tab of the default tinymce editor to look more like formatted programming code.

I installed a plugin - “HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter” and can see the changed syntax when I create a new page in the backend. But as soon as I “Beaverize” it and try to edit the code from the front end the code formatting is lost.

Is there anyway to format the TEXT (html) tab so the code looks less like notepad and more like formatted code in the front end of Beaver?

I look forward to your reply.

Hey Ray,

We’re not allowing any 3rd party extensions to the Text Editor module. Our HTML module has code highlighting/formatting implemented to it though. Can you give it a shot?


OK. Thanks Ben. At least I know why now.

Sometimes I want to tweak the existing code in a standard text box or add some custom stuff and it’s just hard to read at the moment. Not to worry though?

Actually while I’ve got you I added some Bootstap Divs (class=“col-xs-6”) to a text box so it would split into two columns. I found this the only way to split columns a second time. Do you have any plans to allow rows within rows in a nesting type arrangement?

Thanks again.

Hey Ray,

That’s actually one of the most requested features that we have and we’re working on it. :slight_smile: You can check the request on the link below.