Forms & Subscribe Updates

Hey guys - The form and subscribe have always been a really buggy piece of Beaver Builder. For example - I’m testing a subscribe form at the moment and after pushing the subscribe button about 2 minutes ago, the button still just says please wait. This has been a common thing on all of the sites we’ve built so we finally drifted away from using the built in forms/subscribe to using Formcraft, which is a drag and drop super simple contact form builder. Of course there is also gravity forms.

When are the forms and subscribe module going to be un-bugged?

I can give direct access to the site in question right now, where I was hoping I would be able to deploy it and it would work.


Hey David,

There isn’t any ongoing issue with our Contact Form and Subscribe form modules, at least not that we know of. Can you go ahead and share temp admin access to the site in question so we can check? And just to verify, are all the sites you’re referring to above under one hosting?