Four Home Pages of a Locksmith website

Here i am showing four home pages i made working on a locksmith website.

I think the main home page is a bit to much i think i will end up going with home page # three and working it out some more when i move it to the real site.

Everything with in the page except the top menu and footer was made with BB
I made the base theme and menu using Artisteer i have used that program for over 7 years now but it has some problems when sized down to cell phone size Artisteer is introducing in what looks like a 1 to 2 pix border only in cell view that is messing with things and i can not find a way to get rid of it.
Here is the link to the test site.

Making all the different designs for this gave me a good workout in using BB to see what i could do. Will be working on page designs next for this site. And i need to edit more in Artisteer to get the click to blog post page to look better if possible or change themes.

Very neat, Edward! I also like #3, looks great!

I was able to edit the Artisteer style.responsive.css file to fix the problem i was having on call phone view it was adding in a 1% space around any image and a 1% edge on both right and left sides in cell view. It also had a % set for responsive cell menu space i took out have it all set to 0 now and looks a lot better now. making BB a great fit for this.

I have used a lot of design themes and tools over the years.
I quit using Themify nothing got indexed right for seo with that.
Made a few sites with the newer DMS PageLines and just ran into to many problems dropped that.
Played with headway and did not like it and or many others.

I think Beaver Builder is a great alternative to VC in a more easy to use interface for fast page designs.

So i will design with Beaver Builder and the BB theme, use Artisteer for some theme designs and i am a life time member of Ultimatum i can build with as well and use BB or VC with that if needed.

How much does it cost to work with a locksmith in general? Like Lock re-keying or Lockout Locksmith services.

When you replace a lock, you get a shining piece of hardware in the color and finish you desire. Depending on the manufacturer, the quality, and / or grade of the lock, you will be spending $15.00 to $225.00 per lock. We could provide that lock or you could go to a hardware store. Labor to replace your current hardware cost about $20.00 per door; replacing front door handle sets are about $20.00 more.Should you wish to keep the existing hardware, we could re-key or re-pin the lock(s) providing you a new key rendering the old key to re-cycling. The cost per cylinder is $12.00 each. To summarize, if your locks work well and you feel secure then re-keying in the cost effective choice.

For me I have Been very busy with my locksmith business in the summer months that is why you do not see me posting any new websites i do not take new website jobs on till the end of August but i have started on one large project. I have done around 20 locksmith sites now many with BB i know what they want the same things i want for mine and know how to do the SEO for them.

For me i charge $50 to unlock a car with in normal hours like 8 to 7 with in the city limits then more after 7pm and more after 10 and a lot more after 1am.
House Doors that are locked can be strange as some locks are harder to deal with then others but i start at $75 to $85 and up. Commercial is more.

For rekeying locks i get a $50 service call and then $15 a lock maybe more if i have to pick them open if they have no keys. I did two home rekey jobs today and one commercial job at a store rekeying the locks as they just fired someone that had the keys. Also did a few car lockouts.

FYI - I just tried to go to the site but I got blocked with a security threat warning from OpenDns