Freebie: Hover Cards

Update by Robby: This thread is a bit out of date, so I am popping in to update it.

This module is no longer free, but it is available still through Fotoplugin’s rebranded site: Beaver Lodge.

Add awesome hover effects to your site using content from your posts, WooCommerce or add content right within the module.

This amazing module is available on my site over at

Hi Jon,

I’ve downloaded and installed your hover card plugin last week and have tried using it today, could you give me brief instructions how to use it overlay text on an image please?

Thanks, Gerry

Sorry Gerry, I missed you reply…

What content are you using in the hover card? Are you pulling posts, woocommerce or creating within the module itself?

Hi Jon,

Thanks for getting back to me.

I was really just looking for documentation on the plugin as I had some ideas about using it in different scenarios.

I am working on the new site with tutorials and docs, so once I finish updating the existing modules, I will get that finished.

If you need help with anything feel free to hit me up through the site

Over there I have a Live Chat, Support Tickets and Contact Form so a lot quicker than posting here