From Divi to Beaver Builder -

Hi there Builders!

I’ve just migrated my agency website from Divi to Beaver Builder and you can see it here: Renegade Empire

Would love to know your feedback! It looks almost exactly the same as it did before when using Divi, except now it has that BB power :slight_smile:

There’s still quite a bit to do as I added some new stuff to it but haven’t completely finished the styling as I gave myself a weekend deadline to get this done.

A challenge I faced was with the buttons and just getting them to look consistent across the site. The saved modules really helped with this.

Another small challenge was that the projects post type doesn’t exist in the BB theme so I had to recreate this to get the projects back. This was easy enough and I just used CPT UI to make this in a snap.

A huge time saver was the colour swatches, which is just an awesome feature that’s much easier than copying and pasting HEX colours all the time. Rad!

Overall this was such an easy process that I’m going to offer this service to my past Divi clients that could benefit from some BB goodness.

Cheers, I hope you like the site!

Hey Simon! Thanks a ton for sharing. Love the site. Glad to hear the color presets were a time saver, too. That was very highly requested feature on our User Voice page.

Cheers @robby! I didn’t even know the presets existed until I stumbled across the feature. I’ll have to jump on this Uservoice page and put my 2 cents in a bit more too :wink:

Please do! That would be great:

A LOT of the features we launched this year were directly pulled from UV. =)

Simon - great work - what theme did you use for your site please ? I have just come from Divi as well and am finding BB much faster to work with. Merry Christmas !!


Hi Stephen!

I am about 99% sure that’s the Beaver Builder theme. =)

It’s included with our Pro and Agency packages.

Such a nice build! Love the layout Simon. And Robby that’s great to hear it’s using the BB Theme. I’m planning to upgrade later on so I can have access to the theme too.

@sjo007 thanks for checking it out! It sure is the BB theme. The transition was easy enough, I just had the themes side by side and went to town.

Thanks @afroniquely for the kind words! I definitely recommend the BB theme. It is lightweight enough to let you focus on the content, but has enough customisation options and hooks to build on the framework with anything you want. Love it.

Happy Holidays all!

@renegadeempire Thanks for the reply Simon and great work - I wonder which BB theme you used to start it off please. Have a great Christmas !

@renegadeempire I have been playing with the BB themes so no need to answer the above. Very impressed with BB. I need to do more work on my html to get the social icons right in the top bar but the more I get into BB - the more impressed I am. My warmest best wishes for 2016 !

Hey Stephen! Thanks for the kind words. Really appreciate it!! =)

I used Divi as well and just started today with my BB site. I hope i will have enough up to show you by monday dear friends.

hey great site can you tell me how you achieved the rollover effect on the elements in the work section stunning

Thanks for checking it out @redsnappertrading :slight_smile:

The rollover effect is default Beaver Builder goodness. Not sure exactly what option I used but it’s just the post module. Nothing particularly custom so just tweaking the settings should get you a similar result.

Hope that helps and thanks for the feedback!

Hi Simon - just a quick one from me please if I may - what pop up plug in are you using please ? It looks extremely good on your web site.

Many thanks


Thanks @sjo007 I’m using Optinmonster. I definitely recommend it. It’s awesome.

Cheers for taking a look at the site.