Front-end editor not showing and installation error: .htaccess file in uploadfiles

Hello, I am Anjo.

I’m trying to customize a template for my own company I’m starting up. I was following a two hour tutorial and everything was fine untill I had to edit the page with beaver builder. The editor didn’t show up at all.
All that I get to see is the standard site. There is no option to drag and drop or to edit anything.
I am quite certain it is not a plugin conflict as I tried disabling them all except for the beaver builder ones.

I have tried both Safari and Chrome on my Mac and Chrome on my sons windows computer and it bears the same results.

I have also tried emptying the cache multiple times and checked the known plugin incompatibilities.
I even tried switching the theme/template to the one that the instructor from the tutorial was using, but to no avail.

(Edit: I have now also tried uninstalling both “Beaver Builder” and the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder (Lite version) and then reinstalling, but I end up getting the same results.)

In the Wordpress main panel it does give an error under “Settings > Beaver Builder”.
(error message in Dutch:)
Installatiefout! Het lijkt erop dat je een .htaccess bestand in je uploadmap hebt staan dat alle javascript-bestanden blokkeert. Dit resulteert in 403-fouten. Neem contact op met je host als jij dit bestand niet hebt toegevoegd.
Installation error! It looks like you have an “.htacces” file in your uploadfiles that blocks all javascript-files. This results in 403-errors. Contact you host if you did not add this file.

Now, I do not remember adding this file, but I have not gotten any 403 errors either.

I really hope you can help me get the editor working to help me further along with my company. Thank you for your time.

(Here’s a screenshot of the page after I clicked Beaver Builder. It should show the editor at this moment, but I just see the plain site.)

The error will be in the browser console because the htaccess file in your uploads folder will be blocking all css and js files

The notice in the admin is correct, your host automatically add the htaccess file to block ALL js from ALL page builders except visual composer, which is the only one they support. we have approached them and asked they stop doing this, they just ignore us.

So like the message says, you need to contact your host, it is them that put the file there.