Front-end editor not showing

Thanks Justin, it is gone indeed. I saw that in the wp-admin.

Thanks! I’m not 100% sure yet but it looks like your site might be running on two installs of WordPress, one for the front-end and one for the backend. It only looks like Beaver Builder is installed for the one in the backend which would explain why the front-end editor isn’t working. I’m installing it in the one for the front-end now and will let you know how that goes.


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Hey Laura,

Sorry for the confusion. I’m not recommending putting another WP on your server :slight_smile: There are already two there and I believe that is the problem.

I just checked, and I’m not even logged in when viewing the front-end of your website, only wp-admin. Beaver Builder requires you to be logged in to edit a page for security reasons. I believe this has something to do with it running on two installs of WordPress.

It’s perfectly fine to hide WP in a subfolder, but I believe your setup might not be done correctly which is leading to the issue of not being logged in on the front-end. You have two copies of core WP files, one in the public_html folder and one in the wp folder.

Have a look at the codex for installing WP in a subfolder and try removing the duplicate files from the root.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you Justin, that might be the problem then. I will try removing the old WP. Hopefully that will solve the problem.


You’re welcome! Let me know how that goes.