Full Screen slider with transparent sticky navigations

Hi guys,
what would be the best way to implement the following:

  • Home Screen has a full screen slider with 3 sliding pics
  • There are two navigations:
    – One primary on the left that has items in vertical order and leads to sections of the homepage by anchors
    – The secondary navi is on the right top and in horizontal order and leads to other pages
  • The navis are visible on the full screen slider as text
  • When the user scrolls down, the header area with the navigations turn to white color and follow the scrolling as sticky navigation
    The header is not just a vertical area, it has an ankle in it

Please see attached image

Hi Tindoo,

Unfortunately, this ins’t possible with Beaver Builder out-the-box. You could achieve this by creating a custom module or using a third party plugin.



Ok, thanks Danny!