Full width background image for columns

Hi Billy,

Are there any methods to make this happen?

Divide the Row in different number of columns and add bg photos to them and then use heading for the text?
Here are the effect:
Found it form http://www.fiftythree.com/pencil

Thank you very much!

Hey Penter,

Unfortunately, accomplishing that layout isn’t possible at the moment as we don’t have the option to add a background image to a column yet. You could do something somewhat like that with column background color and opacity while having one row background image, but having the two background image layout isn’t possible.

I suppose a creative way of doing this would be to have the row background image be a single image that has been created with 2 images in PS or something like that.


Thank you for following up.
I hope that this feature will be available soon as this is a trend for this layout.

Thank you very much!!