Full width custom templates within Genesis setup

I am trying to build custom templates from within the Templates custom post type that BB makes.
If I go to the WP admin and go to Templates->Add New, the builder page is not full width within Genesis. Another words if I want to create custom templates with from the Templates custom post type I am not getting a full width page as a starting point. It is the default layout set within the Genesis setup.
How do I make the Templates custom post type full width for a starting point?

Have a look at this plugin designed specifically for this and only for Genesis child themes:



Hey Davidlab,

Welcome to the BB forums! :slight_smile:

Have you tried the plugin Lyle stated above? If not then I suggest you give it a shot. That plugin allows you to modify Genesis controlled stuff easier! :slight_smile:

Or you could always create a Page, do the layout there, and save it as a template. Let us know if you find/need anything further.


Hi DavidLab

We are the developers of Genesis Dambuster. If you try it and for some reason it does not work for you, please contact us on the link on the Dambuster website. We are on a mission to make Genesis easy to use with full-width layouts on Beaver Builder and in these early days of the plugin (it was only released on 1st August), we want to know about anything that isn’t right. So don’t hesitate.

Thank you Ben for your support in recommending.


Hey Liz,

No worries! Thanks as well for the plugin. I’ve really no experience with Genesis so having a plugin like this is really helpful! :slight_smile: