Full Width Does not Work

I have tried to make the row full width but even when the width/content width is at full width & margins on the global setting is 0, the row will not span out from edge to edge on the page.


Hi Armen,
It is useful to advise what theme you are using - difficult to help otherwise!
(The theme is the thing here!)

If BB theme, checkout the Layout setting under General in the Customizer
If Genesis, checkout this Blog post

If something else, let us know?

Regards, Dave

Hey Dave,

Thanks for jumping in!


Welcome to the BB forums! :slight_smile:

Dave is right. The full width option for our Page Builder totally depends on what theme you are using. If you could share the URL of the site you are working on, we might be able to provide you with a CSS snippet that may fix this. You can also check the article below.