Fuzzy Woocommerce Related Product Images in Themer

Here is an example of my problem: https://woocommerce-262427-816154.cloudwaysapps.com/product/virco-3700br-hard-plastic-student-tablet-arm-desk/

The woocommerce single product layout is created in themer and the section causing the problem is from the BB Themer related products module. The related images display very fuzzy but if I click on one and go to the related product, then go back, the image is then clear. Any ideas what could be causing the issue? I am doing this for someone else so there are plugins being used that I do not normally use but I have gone through deactivating things trying to find a conflict and no luck so far.

I checked your site. There have image size issue. Current it is using the 100x100 pixel size for thumbnails. May be you will change the size from module settings form.

Thanks Chimoy. I have not yet figured out how to change the images from loading at 100px or what is causing it and I cannot change it in the module. I will keep searching though!

Check the theme customizer -> woocommerce section -> Product Images. May be you setup the catalog image size there.