Gallery Module Showing Image Below When Clicking Arrow in Lightbox

That was a tough title to come up with! Anyway, I have the gallery set to show before and after so they have to open go through the list in a certain way. If you look at the page:

You will notice that they are before and after pics. When you click on the top left one and then click the next arrow in the lightbox it shows the image below it instead of the image next to it. Is there any way to make it follow the way you have the gallery ordered?

Hey David,

Sorry to say but for now, that’s not possible. We already have a Feature Request on our User Voice Forums for one though so if you like, you can vote for it. Each vote increases the chance for that request to be noticed by the guys. But I’ll have them know as I think this is kind of a majorish problem for our Gallery module, at least for me. :slight_smile:


Well, that is an answer! lol Thank you for getting back with me.

Has this been fixed yet I have many pages of gallerys for a Photography site and they all show the images down below next when using the popup light box and arrow.
This defeats using the rearange gallery images it will not play them in that order so i can not get it to show wedding photos in the order the wedding was shot in it jumps to someone elses wedding photo and back and forth this is crazy working like this.?

Hey Edward,

Sorry to say but we haven’t made any changes to our Gallery module. Feel free to vote for that feature on the link below.


Hi guys!
I am an enthusiastic fan of BB!
I need to found a solution for avoid this issue, because the order decided in the Gallery is by rows and the order of the lightbox narrow navigation is by columns.
How can I avoid this inconsistency?

If I install another lightbox plugin: may I use it directly IN THE GALLERY MODULE?

thanks for any help!

Hi Enrico,

Unfortunately, I don’t believe this is possible. If you’re not happy with the functionality of the Gallery module, please vote on the UserVoice linked above by Ben.

Alternatively, you could use a gallery plugin. Beaver Builder doesn’t restrict you using WordPress plugins, if our modules aren’t to your liking.


Hi Danny,
thanks for your fast answer.
I will try to use Essential Grid or Foogallery using the shortcodes by the HTML module, or creating a custom module…



Hi Yuri,

Thanks for sharing and if you do create a custom module. I am sure our users would love to try it!