Gallery slider

I love the BB plugin and the modules that are included. Still learning how to use all the modules.
What i am trying to do is create a slider with galleries in it. Like this link:

gallery slider

I tried some modules but cant seem to find the right options… any ideas?


Hi Mel,
Have you tried the Slideshow Module in the Advanced Modules section.
Or the Content Slider ?
They do similar things…
Which part of the Elegant Themes example do you like ?

A slider I really like is Revolution Slider, which does cost a little but really packs a punch in terms of features - google it and check out the demo page…

Regards, Dave

Hi Dave,
Thank you for the fast reaponse. I am new to BB but like it and will try the content slider.

I like the slider at the bottom of the link… what I am trying to do is have a slider show slides that each contain a gallery of pics of a specific category.

I will also check out the revolution slider which I have hear about.


Hi Mel,
Do you mean the four small sliders at the bottom of the page ?
I don’t think they do much (I was expecting them to take the main focus of the page when clicked, but they just stay there as a small gallery!)
With the BB Slider, you can have as many of them as you want on the one page…
(within reason of course!)
Cheers, Dave

Thanks for chiming in, Dave!

Mel - if you need anything further, let us know, but Dave’s suggestions are perfect!


Thanks for the feedback…