Gallery thumb sizes?

Hi guys,

I was just adding a gallery into a client site and would prefer to use the ‘Thumbs’ layout - however each thumbnail is quite small and captions won’t fit very well underneath them. Is it possible to increase the thumbnail size through the theme?

Would increasing the thumbnail size also reduce how many thumbnails appear per row? If not how would I change how many thumbnails appear per row?


Hey Geoff,

Thanks for getting in touch! Sorry but you won’t be able to change the size of the Thumbs layout even if you change the Thumbnail Size to 300x300. Have you tried using our Collage layout instead? I suggest you give it a shot! :slight_smile:


Yes we have tried collage - our client (and us) prefer the neatness of the thumbnails and the fact they line up with each other in tidy rows.

If we increased the thumbnail size to 300x300 - then the page will just expand outside of it’s container? I thought it would auto-wrap depending on the thumbnail?

How can we achieve slightly large thumbnails so that you can also read the caption below?

Hey Geoff,

I did try playing around with the styling of the Thumbs layout but it seems the logic it uses to calculate the distance is fixed. We can enlarge the image but we can’t adjust the distance(the images would overlap each other).

For now, I guess the only option is to use a more robust gallery plugin. You could also head over to our User Voice Forums and add in a feature request - a new Gallery layout that allows custom sizes.