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Hi there,

All my site pages are loading just fine, including the WordPress dashboard. However, the one page I’ve activated BB on will not load and is giving a 504 Gateway Error message

My site:

And the one page with BB:

Is this a server issue? If so, why does effect only the BB page? The rest of my site loads just fine. This has been going on the last hour.

The page builder will not load either.

Thank you.

Just to follow up, I created a new page for my blog and BB would load. I configured and tried to Publish and same 504 Error message.

My blog page configured with BB was loading fine yesterday but now I can no longer work with BB on my site. Keep getting the Time out 504 Error message.

I have not installed any new plugins; I did remove Essential Grid because i’m not using and thought perhaps that was causing the text module not to work for me. But now nothing will work for me.

It’s hard to deactivate all plugins because the site is live. Also BB worked fine until yesterday so not sure what’s going on.

Would appreciate your help, as I was just getting to really like BB and now not working on the one site I really want to use BB on…

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Hi Yael,

I took a look and am getting the same gateway error. I can’t see any obvious errors when this occurs unfortunately either. Is there any way you could put up a maintenance page at some point to try the plugin deactivation/activation route while testing BB? You have quite a few plugins installed so this very well could be plugin related.


HI Billy,

Thanks for checking. I had intended to do a complete revamp of my site first of this year, including some house cleaning and eliminating some plugins. Just haven’t had time (well, that’s a good thing, yea for clients!).

But I’m taking this as a sign to make time for my site revamp, so I’m cloning to my test server and will begin the revamp.

BB is working great on the two other sites I’ve installed so I’m sure once I clean house on my own site. it will work great as well.

Thanks again for checking…

p.s. the site restore from the 18th did correct the issue but I’m still taking this as a nudge to work on my site redesign / revamp.

Awesome, thanks Yael. Look forward to seeing what you come up with! :slight_smile: