general doubt

Hello BB Team,

I have some ask, I will gather all in one úico topic:

1 - Since Beaver Builder does not have to put icons function in the navigation menu I found this plugin here that looks pretty cool:

The BB team knows inform the BB is compatible?
Did this feature will exist in the next updates?

2 - Compared to version 1.6.4 has some predicting when it will be stabilized to create our sites with this version?

3 - Models of templates that comes along with BB by chance soon we will have more new models

4 - Beaver Builder you can put this functionality a SHADING around the box of pictures, like this:

5 - Is it possible on each page of the site have a custom image below the header like this site? (see that each page has a different header image below):

6 - Is it possible to make a menu like this:

Each time you click on a link comes a calling effect content

7 - You can make a menu so exactly with these effects:

8 - I need to appoint a booking plugin for hotels, if someone

Hey Rafael,

Wow, that’s a lot! Let me see what I can get for you here…

#1 - While we don’t have plans of adding icon functionality to the menu system, you can easily accomplish this effect using Font Awesome. That’s what we use when we need icons in a menu. Feel free to give that plugin a shot if you like though!

#2 - We’ve still got a handful of fixes and miscellaneous things to get into that release, but I would assume within the next week or so.

#3 - We are actively working on getting a designer onto our team to assist here. Probably looking at a late this year with this one.

#4 - You’ll need to use custom CSS to accomplish that. There are several helpful CSS tutorials on the web you can research to assist if needed.

#5 - Yes of course, just by using the row photo background functionality on each page.

#6 - That’s pretty tricky and would require some JS work most likely. You can always use a tabs or accordion plugin that offers that out of the box.

#7 - No, our theme menu or even menu module isn’t that complex. You would need to use a different plugin like UberMenu for something like that.

#8 - Unfortunately, we don’t have any suggestions there, but feel free to ask that in the FB group.


Hello Billy, thank you for the answers. I will analyze and qq doubt I contact again.

Taking advantage of an off topic: Do you know any reservation type plug that has this site: and that it is set in the site footer as well as here?
Preferably free but if premium, fine.

Thank you.

Hey Rafael,

Unfortunately, no, on your question. Definitely feel free to leverage the users in the FB group for questions like that though - we tend to be pretty busy with Beaver Builder these days as opposed to building client sites.


Thank you Billy for the answers!

How to put icons in the menu, you reported the Please give me more information on how to use these icons on the menu with beaver builder? Is there a link paa I can learn how to put these icons in the menu?

Another question the Beaver Builder is compatible with Uber Menu?


No worries at all! Font Awesome provides you a bit of HTML that you insert before your menu text in the menu editing interface. Just copy and paste pretty much! Here is their info on how to use them as well.

Yes, we have users on UberMenu and BB with no reported issues at the moment.