Genesis + BB + Genesis Simple Share Plugin

Hi I am using BB for my grid-layout blog page and I install genesis simple share plugin (I am on Genesis + DWB). How to make the social icons from the plugin not appearing on the blog page (I want them only to appear single blog post)? Is this something I should ask to Studiopress or the plugin maker or BB? :smiley: Thank you!


Hi Almazia,
because Genesis Simple Share is coming from StudioPress they might be the right people to ask. But if you’re on DWB you can try to solve this with a custom widget (containing the Simple Share) and a combination of Custom Conditionals, Hookboxes and Labels.


Hi Almazia,

Yes, I would also suggest checking in with StudioPress on that one. I would imagine there would be some setting to where you can configure that plugin to not show the social icons as such. Let us know what you find out!