Genesis Child Theme With BB Home Page

Dear Forum Members,

We use a Genesis child theme but would like to set a new page created with BB as our home page. Unfortunately, it does not seem to work when we activate the new home page under WP dashboard -> settings -> reading -> static front page -> select the new BB page. Instead of the new BB page, we see a large logo and black & white text.

Do you have any advice ?

We have the following setup:

  • WordPress 4.4.2
  • WooCommerce 2.5.3
  • Genesis 2.2.6 & Altitude Pro Theme
  • BeaverBuilder 1.7.5 in combination with a full width page template

Here is our current home page:

This is the new home page we would like to use:

If we check what is currently the new home page (via dashboard -> appearance -> customise -> static front page), I can see that the BB page is set, but on the screen all I see is a large logo but not the new BB page.

What solution do you suggest ?

Kind regards,


Hey Pairfum,

Just letting you know ahead of time we don’t have a lot of experience with Genesis themes. If you can share temp admin access to the site, we’d be happy to take a look.


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Dear Ben,

After your reply, I also asked Studiopress / Coppyblogger for support. They looked at our site and had the following two alternative suggestions:

1a. Remove all widgets from the Front Page 1 to 7 widget areas at Appearance -> Widgets. (You can place these in the “Unused widgets” area rather than delete them if you wish.) 1b. Set your new static homepage from the Settings -> Reading area.

You may find that the site then displays the new static homepage you’ve specified as expected.

  1. Alternatively, you can try the following:

2a. Rename the file called ‘front-page.php’ in your theme folder to ‘_front-page.php’ using an FTP application.
2b. Set your new static homepage from the Settings -> Reading area.

This will ensure that the front-page.php template is no longer used, and can allow other custom templates to override front-page.php.

I preferred the 2nd approach as it is very quick to test and it works perfectly. You can now see the new home page on our site:

Many thanks for your help on this.

Kind regards,


Hey Pairfum,

Glad you figured it out! And thanks for taking the time to inform us, we really appreciate it. Enjoy BB! :slight_smile:


Quick note here. The Genesis framework has what they call EZ layouts which include a static homepage setting.

Some themes will use this EZ setting for the hopmepage even if a different page is set in the Reading - Static Home Page setting so you need to disable the Static Home Page setting in the EZ settings.

Genesis and the Dynamik child theme is a rocking combination. Add in BB and Dambuster and the sky’s the limit.

Dear Andew,

Many thanks for your reply and explanation.

Would you mind pointing out where I can disable the EZ setting ?

I appreciate your recommendation about Genesis, the Dynamik child theme, BB and Dambuster. We have tried the Dynamik extender plugin but found it not very userfriendly. It seems more geared towards a developer. Whereas BB is more visual for us and easy to understand.

I will look at Dambuster. It sounds very interesting. We currently use a full-width page template, the code we found on the internet.

Kind regards,


Pairfum hi

If you’re using Genesis, then you don’t need the Extender plugin. That was an addition to the old Catalyst framework. Catalyst has now become Genesis and all the functionality from the Extender plugin is now native in Genesis.

To disable the EZ Home Page:

Genesis Design

  • EZ
  • In the Homepage Type", select the first option: Wordpress Default Homepage
  • Save Changes

The Home Page will now be whatever page you set in the Wordpress settings under “Reading Settings”

I’m about a million miles from being a developer but I find Genesis extremely easy to use and it’s very well coded. BB Plugin is an excellent addition to any theme. I haven’t used the BB Theme as I do all my stuff on Genesis.

Full width layouts in Genesis work very well with BB. If you need to setup a full width template, check the code on the link below.

It includes the template and CSS and is literally 30 seconds on copy-paste.

Latest versions of Genesis include a Builder Template specifically aimed at BB. I’ve kind of got used to using the code from the link above so haven’t really looked into anything different.

Dambuster is mega-cool. You can build any kind of page you want and just switch off elements in the plugin.

Enjoy BB - it builds awesome sites.

Dear Andrew,

Many thanks for your reply but on our site we don’t have the option of ‘design’ under ‘Genesis’ in the WP Dashboard. It runs the latest version of Genesis.

It looks to us that your recommendation still requires the Extender Plugin.

Are we misunderstanding you ?

Regarding the page templates, we still have to use a dedicated BB full width page template otherwise the page still shows elements such as ‘edit’ etc.

Kind regards,


Pairfum hi

Depends on what child theme you are using. I use the Dynamik Gen which is a blank child theme. This doesn’t need the extender plugin.

It looks like the Child Theme you are using needs the plugin to add all the Genesis functionality. I would suggest using it - the full features of Genesis add an extra dimension to whatever you want to do. Personal choice of course but it provides a huge array of options to fine-tune your site to be exactly how you want it.

The link I sent has the codes to setup a full width page in Genesis to use with BB. I’ve used this many time and it works as expected.

Hope this helps.

If you’re using Genesis, then you don’t need the Extender plugin. That was an addition to the old Catalyst framework. Catalyst has now become Genesis and all the functionality from the Extender plugin is now native in Genesis.

I think you mean Dynamik Website Builder by Colbalt Apps rather than Genesis.
Catalyst was a framework and became Dynamik Website Builder, which is a child theme of the Genesis framework.
Genesis Extender is a plug-in from Colbalt Apps that works with other Genesis child themes (but not with Dynamik Website Builder)

I meant exactly what I said. Genesis is a framework - Dynamik is a child theme.