Genesis, Dynamik and Beaver Builder

With my extensive range of modules for Beaver Builder, the Genesis and Dynamik users all come across the same problem where the Frameworks CSS overrides the BB Modules CSS Styling

For example:
This is my HTML
<a class="sw-btn-one" href="#">Button</a>

and this is my CSS

<?php $color = $setting->btn-one-color; ?>
.sw-btn-one { color: #<?php echo $color; }

However it gets overriden by Genesis which may look like this
a { color: #222; }

If I add !important tags, then my CSS gets prioritised, but of course I am not going to do that. For one it is poor practice, secondly, that is just way to much work haha

So any suggestions/ideas for Genesis compatibility, I have never used it nor know how it is coded etc to work, but I know BB has a huge Genesis client base so thought you may be able to offer some insight?

Solved in Slack. The solution was to make the selectors more specific…

a.sw-btn-one instead of .sw-btn-one