Genesis Featured Page Widget

I am trying to use the Page Builder to create pages in several Genesis Child Themes from StudioPress.

I am able to create the pages successfully, however, for some of the themes I am loading the pages on a single page theme through the Genesis Featured Page Widget. Upon viewing the home page with several of these already built pages, the only content that is seen is the text which is essentially not in any of the rows or columns that I built them in. Also when using fonts, the fonts are not viewable either.

The only content that is viewable is the basix text editor content in a single row.

Hi there! Thanks for bringing these to our attention and sorry you are having trouble. We’re going to look into these issues today and follow up ASAP.

Hi lmdgroup!

Are you using the default Genesis Feature Page widget? Or are you using either of these…

Also, can you send me a link to the page in question?


Hi lmdgroup,

I did some testing and have been able to recreate the issue. Unfortunately, this is a case where we’re not able to implement a solution.

The issue is that the builder only loads in the necessary css/js files for the layout when a post/page is part of the main WordPress loop. The Genesis Featured Page widget is creating a secondary loop, so the builder has no way of knowing that it needs to load in assets for those pages/posts.

Have you considered using the builder exclusively to build your homepage? Have you run into any limitations that are stopping you from doing that? Let me know if so and we’ll look into getting it working to better suit your needs.

Also, let me know what theme you’re using and I’ll look at providing some instructions for using the builder to recreate the homepage.


Everyone, thanks for the quick investigation and feedback. I have not tried to build the homepage with the builder, yet, as I was just attempting to stay true to the theme. However I will give this a try as I beleive the builder will give me more flexibility in the long run. Again thanks for your help!

By the way I have been researching the many builders in the WordPress space and really like this the best. Keep up the good work, I like the direction you are headed in.


Thanks for the kind words, Joe! Let me know if you have any questions about using the builder.