Global saved items opening the settings UI when dropped + restricted access bug


Here’s a feature request + bug found with global saved items usage when you drop one in the layout.

1 - Global saved items opening the settings UI

When you drop a global saved item in the layout, its settings panel opens to validate or cancel the dropping.
But it also gives a direct access to settings editing, which i consider pretty useless as global means to me the item has been built to be used as is, plus a bit dangerous when the user is not aware of what a global saved item is and how these modifications will affects all saved item occurrences on the site.

I’d clearly prefer a simple “OK / Cancel” JS alert to finish the dropping and keep the editing access in the backend or by clicking the item’s link in the content frontend panel.

2 - Restricted access to global saved items editing not respected

  • In BB backend settings, restrict frontend Global rows and modules editing to the Admin role only
  • Log as another role which can edit modules existing in the layout or drop new modules, but can’t modify global saved modules
  • Drop a global saved module in the layout and… modify its settings: here’s the bug
  • Once in the layout you can’t even repair your error by editing it cause you don’t have the permission

Thanks for checking please.

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Hi guys, do you miss details to check this issue?
Please, tell me, i could complete if necessary. :wink:

Can you screenshot the user access settings?

A user that does not have global edit access should not be able to add/drop global module into a layout.

Here it is: only the Admistrator role has permission for Global items editing.
Logged as the custom role Editor (extd), i still can drop a global module in the layout, which seems logical and necessary to me, but i can also modify its settings in the BB panel that pops up just after the dropping, which is a problem.

According to the KB, a user that does not have global edit access and has unrestricted editing access can drag a global row or module from the Content panel into the layout, but the global row or module will display the lock and can’t be deleted.
Which is what i’m experiencing and makes sense to me, except the settings panel shouldn’t be accessible after the module dropping.

hmm here is the settings I have:


Thing is as the editor I can create new pages, thats the wp default but there is no + to add modules or anything in the UI, have you modified the roles for your editor group?

Add Editor to « Unrestricted editing » and log in as Editor.
You’ll be able to drop modules and global modules to the layout, and see the issue with global module settings that pops up and can be modified although Editor is not allowed to access global.

Maybe i should open a ticket at BB support and point at this thread?

Latest news: this bug has been identified by BB support and will be fixed in next BB release.