GoDaddy Merry-Go-Round

Not here to bash GoDaddy. However I have not been able to proceed with the current situation. Client has signed up for a managed WordPress site via GoDaddy. The site does not reflect what he wants and never has. He asked me to see what I can do. I am an old school developer but haven’t been in the game since 2000. Hoping to hit the ground running but have been on the Merry-Go-Round. Cannot ask anything substantial without submitting a request ticket. So far the requests have not been fulfilled to spec. Have been told that I shouldn’t make changes or the site may break… etc.

From what I have read on here so far, I am not alone. I am not looking for commiserating companions because for now it is what it is… what I am hoping for is to ask some basic questions at first and then ramp up quickly.

I have made changes to the header in themer as well as added a page to show tech support what I would like for the landing page. That didn’t go well. So first question is can I start over and begin adding pages from there. Also, have questions about the agency version of BB. Does that only belong to GoDaddy? Many other questions but wanted to introduce myself and hope to be directed to the right place. Thank you so much