Google Analytics by Yoast not working

The Google Analytics by Yoast plugin is designed to add google event tracking code to all outbound links on a WordPress installation. I have noticed that any pages or posts that I create with the beaverbuilder plugin do not have this event tracking code automatically inserted into the link.

Google Analytics by Yoast takes a link such as this:

Visit Yahoo

Using javascript in the header converts the link to this on the fly:

Visit Yahoo

I really love the BeaverBuilder plugin and it has helped me to develop pages for my website extremely fast. Are there any known conflicts between BeaverBuilder and the Google Analytics tool by Yoast or any work arounds that anyone knows of?

Thank you in advance.

Hey Jayson! I am familiar with this feature of Yoast, but I am having trouble finding the option to toggle it on in my test site. The latest update removed many of the settings options. Do you know where to find this setting so I can turn it on and test? :slight_smile:


I first had to manually enter the UA code on the GENERAL Settings tab and then select the TRACK Outbound Clicks and Downloads on the GENERAL Settings tab.

I was able to set this up in a test environment and it worked fine with any links I created on pages or posts. As soon as I installed Beaver Builder and tried to make a page, this stopped working but it continued to operate on pages or posts created prior to installing beaver builder.

Oh shoot! Sorry Jayson, I was looking in the Yoast SEO plugin’s settings =( That’s probably why I couldn’t find it, haha.

I did a few tests and it looks like the SEO plugin is adding tracking code if you create a link using the Text Editor module, but it’s not picking up links that are created with other modules (like the button module for example).

The issue was posted in the support forums for Yoast’s GA plugin ( I am going to keep an eye on that thread and see if they have any insight. I am not sure if there is anything we can do to force their plugin to add the tracking code. We’ll reach out to the Yoast team to see if there’s something we can do, though. I just want to see if there is any noise in the support forum thread first.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thanks Robby. Do you know of any other options for tracking outbound links while using beaver builder?

Unfortunately, I don’t. A quick Google search pulled up this plugin:

I have not tested it, but you could give it a try. I posted in the support thread I linked. Hopefully we’ll get an answer there soon. If not, I may reach out to the Yoast team directly. We would like to get this resolved.

Sorry again for the trouble.

Hello Jayson,

It’s been quite a while since we’ve heard from you so we are going to mark this thread resolved. If you need anything further, please let us know!