Google Map


I have a question about the map module. When I use it to show my company’s location, I get the “sign in” button showing in the right top corner of the map, which, when pressed, prompts the person to sign-in to his/her gmail account. And when I checked my site from my own laptop, when I was signed-in to gmail account at the same time, my own profile picture was showing on that map, lol!

I understand that this may be a Google issue, since Google loves to merge all the accounts/pics, etc, but how can I get ride of that sign-in button? I noticed that some other websites (not using the BB), which show the Google Map, don’t have this “sign in” button on their map.

Please help!

Hi Paul,

That sign in button is part of the iframe from Google for viewing the map so we really can’t hide that via CSS. The way Beaver Builder pulls up the map from Google is via the embed code it provides. We like to keep things simple. If you can find another plugin which does show the map in a different format then you may use that. I tried finding one for you but the plugins I tried uses the same method as us.