Gravity Form with conditional logic not showing

I am using a short code with gravity forms. It works on all pages except the forms that have conditional logic. when I go into edit, the forms are there. After I publish, they do not show. What can be done?
page with problem.

i’m curious if you ever found a solution?

we are having the same issue and gravity forms’ website (Common Form Issues - Gravity Forms Documentation) claims that this is related to the footer.php file missing <?php wp_footer(); ?>

i can manually edit, but not sure if that’s a good idea, seems like BB would be on top of something like this…

I could not fix the issue. I now use formidable forms. It works fine.

( bummer was .I paid for pro version of GF , then I had to pay another to FF pro version)

The footer.php is a part of your theme. The BB theme definitely has the wp_footer() call. What theme are you using?

i’m using beaver builder theme with the beaver builder child theme.

once we took the conditional logic out of the form, it works. so there’s def something going on with the combo of gravity forms conditional logic and beaver builder…

Have you tried switching temporarily to the BB parent theme to see if the issue persists? If not, please give that a try.