Hamburger for menu ?

Is there a way to make the menu have a hamburger icon instead of the word ‘Menu’ ?
I searched the forums and found one reference to it - but I can’t see a setting anywhere!
Cheers, Dave
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Hello Dave,

Thanks for getting in touch! Unfortunately, that functionality is not embedded to the BB theme. The thread owner probably applied a custom CSS to have it implemented. A quick Google led me to this which seems to work when I tried it so feel free to give it a shot and tell us how it goes.

Hope this helps!


Hey Dave,

We do have it on our roadmap to add a setting in the Customizer for doing a hamburger icon, but we don’t have an ETA on that yet. I’ll post back when we do.


Thanks Ben & Justin,
Not a problem - looking forward to that.
Regards, Dave

Anytime, Dave! Have fun with The Beaver! :slight_smile:


I also hope the hamburger icon will be available in the next update!

+1 for hamburger menu!!

We just finished the initial dev for that yesterday :slight_smile: We’ll have a theme release coming out in a week or two before we jump into some big updates to the builder.


Thanks for the update Justin - looking forward to all the new upcoming features :slight_smile:

I found the ShiftNav plug-in to be a quick fix to this problem for the time being. Adds a hamburger menu in customizable bar at the top that sticks when scrolling. Quite handy for the time being.

Hi Clay,
This is now a feature…
Checkout the change-logs.
It actually first appeared in the 1.3.1 beta that came out on June 23rd.
You will find it in:
Customizer >> Header >> Nav Layout >> Mobile Nav Tooggle
Cheers, Dave

Hi Clay,

Thanks for sharing! This is pretty useful for someone using a different theme. :slight_smile:


Since it is part of the theme, can someone share the css to move it from center to left or right?

So in the menu settings, if you set the menu to left, right or center then the hamburger menu will do the same for mobile devices. What I would like to do is have the menu on laptops/desktops to be centered, but have the hamburger menu to the left or right for mobile devices.

Hey Ira,

The theme Hamburger menu should be on the right side by default. Are you referring to that or the Menu module? Do you mind sharing the URL of the site so we can take a look?


I am using the menu module. You can select left, right or center. However that moves the full menu as well as the hamburger. So I was hoping to be able to keep the full menu in the center, but have the capability of moving the hamburger to the left or right without affecting the full menu.
I will play with the settings and see if I can use the margins and such to move the menu. I tried it with the hamburger which did move it, but was skewed to far to the right in vertical mode and okay in horizontal on a 5 inch screen.
I would be happy to share the site url…let me know if you need admin as well.

Hey Ira,

What you can do is you can create 2 menus. You can set the first one to appear on large devices and configure it how you want it to appear on large devices, then set the other one to appear on mobile devices, and set it how you want it to appear on mobile. You can change this setting under Advanced > Responsive Layout for each module/column/row. :slight_smile: