Hamburger Menu Icon Does Load on My Mobile Device

I’ve had to rebuild my personal website because the database got corrupted :frowning:

Now I’m using a static site host so no more database worries. But now the hamburger menu icon is giving me problems.

I’ve used the hamburger menu before with no problems but today when I tested it on my mobile device and instead of seeing the hamburger icon I see the “X” failed to load symbol as shown in the screenshot below. I’ve tested with Chrome and Brave browsers and both produce the same result.

The icon still functions. When I click the X I can toggle the menu dropdown on / off.

Also, when I test in developer tools with Chrome and Brave browsers it looks fine as shown here:

Anyone have any idea as to what’s going on?

Would anyone be willing to test my site on their device? Maybe it’s an issue with my mobile device? I don’t have any other mobile devices to test with at the moment.

P.s. I’m not using any plugins or code that I believe could cause this. In addition to BB, the only plugin I use is Simply Static. Only code I use is the CSS snippet below that centers text on mobile and I’ve tested without the CSS and my icon is still broken

 * mobile-left-center class makes left aligned text center in mobile layout
 * mobile-right-center class makes right aligned text center in mobile layout
 * @author Davinder Singh Kainth
 * @link

.mobile-left-center {
  text-align: left;

.mobile-right-center {
  text-align: right;

@media only screen and (max-width: 768px) {
.mobile-right-center {
  text-align: center;

None of the icons are loading anywhere because the the icon font is a 404, what version of beaver builder are you using?

@pross thanks for the reply. I’m using 2.2.3

Thats quite an old version, in fact there have been 41 releases since 2.2.3, you really should install the latest version if you want it to work with latest versions of wordpress, we had to fix some issues that WP introduced with wp 5.5 that broke the builder.

You might also try to reinstall the version you have to fix the 404s for the fonts, or perhaps look through your hosts backups for the missing files.

@pross I’ve paid the the Pro version 2x. I’m an occasional user so I don’t update my Pro plan or plugins religiously.

If I’m interpreting my account screen correctly, my most recent Pro plan expired May 28, 2020

In my 5-ish years of using BB I’ve been on an old version of the plugin 99% of the time and never had a problem.

I understand paying for Pro to get the latest and greatest features but I never imagined not having the latest would break old features that used to work. That doesn’t seem right.

Can you make this right?

Thats when you initiated a renewal, which is pending. The subscription from 2016 was renewed in 2017 then never renewed in 2018.

WordPress gets updates, they update 3 times a year. They occasionally break plugins, in fact since 2018 they broke Beaver Builder about 3 times, we had to release fixes each time.

You can either contact support from your account and try and get the renewal discount reapplied as its supposed to be within 30 days or something… or like i said get the font files from a backup and put them in the folder that has the 404, or even easier… get the font files from here … 5.8.1 was the FA version used in 2.2.3

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@pross thanks for explaining. Guess it’s my fault for updating Wordpress. Now that I’m doing static hosting and don’t have to worry about security (or at least I think I don’t - I’m not the most technically adept person) I’m never making that mistake again.

I had an old, static version of my site lying around and was able to pull the files from that and get things working again.

If anyone else uses static sites and has a similar issue:

  • find the directory \wp-content\plugins\bb-plugin\fonts in your static site .zip
  • it contains a folder “fontawesome”
  • copy the folder “fontawesome” from your old site
  • delete the folder “fontawesome” from your new site and paste the old version in it’s place